Sound Installation – with Random Studio for Bottega Veneta

A spatial listening experience inspired by the sonic installations of Francois Bayle for Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) in the 70s.

Embedded in a reflective, inflatable structure, the Acousmonium created a 3 dimensional sonic landscape through an asymmetrical array of loudspeakers.

An atmospheric, evolving soundscape combined natural, acoustic and electronic sound material in a spatial composition with the mix dependent upon the listener’s position.

The 24-channel generative composition super-imposed different environments: from the Italian seaside to the streets of NYC and the hills of Jeju island in South Korea - woven together with field recordings, flute and vocals from Seungmin Cha.

The installation was conceived and designed by Random Studio for Bottega Veneta.

Concept Design, design development, creative technology and technical development: Random Studio
Sound design & arrangement, soundsystem design: Ben Kreukniet
Incorporating field recordings, flute and vocals from Seungmin Cha
Physical production:
Warms Korea