Kinetic Installation – for Mutek 15, Mexico City

Site specific installation transforming the venue of Mutek MX 15 into a spatial instrument

Manifolds consisted of a series of kinetic lasers within a spatial soundsystem to scan, highlight and distort the architectural space. The resulting geometric language formed a spatial music notation derived from boundaries within the existing architecture. The device was used as the basis to create a series of evolving generative compositions, translating beams, columns and other architectural features into sonic variables.

The work incorporated custom designed mechanisms for laser scanning / rotation and software to simultaneously control sound, light and movement based on the physical characteristics of the site.

Manifolds was a site specific installation and used as a framework for a series of live performances during Mutek edition 15, Mexico City 2018. It was created in collaboration with Vincent de Belleval, with invaluable contribution from Adam Paikowsky.